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Golden Leash Pet Care LLC

About Us

Most Trusted Pet Care Professionals

Golden Leash Pet Care strives to meet each of your individual needs. We believe that your family pet should be taken care of by a local, trusted professional based out of the area in which you live. We have experience with hundreds of clients, and can't wait to be your pet's new best friend. 

Meet Our Staff

Abby Fisher, Owner 

Abby started Golden Leash Pet Care (originally named Abby’s Pet Services) in 2017 after pet sitting for local friends and neighbors. Abby’s background is based in Emergency Medicine with a specialization in Tactical Paramedicine. She eventually followed her passion of pet care, switched career paths and hasn’t “worked” a day since! Abby loves spending time with her clients and thrives in the dynamic business environment. She has a rescued Golden Shepherd named Ted, and an love for frozen yogurt.

What energizes you? “Meeting new people. Exercising. Inspiring others to follow their dreams. I have a pretty ambitious mentality so I enjoy setting goals and finding ways to achieve them.”

What is your passion? 

"Anything creative. I enjoy creative writing, crafting, reading.. anything that allows my mind to wander! I am also an avid runner. I am in the process of completing a full or half marathon in every state alongside my Husband,  Adam!” 

Alex Neimetz

Alex Neimetz is from Collegeville, PA. She works full-time as a Family Based Therapist and is in the process of completing her Masters. Alex has a rescued black lab at home that she's had for several years. She has additional experience with rescue pups and animals with special needs. Alex has been Professionally dog walking for 3 years. In her free time, Alex enjoys working out- especially  Crossfit and strongman! She has competed in several competitions & continues to grow as an athlete. Alex is a hard working and caring person that loves animals.

What is your passion? "Helping people become their best selves both mentally and physically."

What energizes you? "Working out and dogs energize me because they are both full of life and excitement!" 

Bonnie Branz 

Bonnie is our Royersford/ Limerick/Collegeville star! Bonnie is super fun, loves walking and exercising. 

What energizes me?

1. Exercise - Walking, Biking, Hiking, Lifting Weights, Interval Sprints, any kind of fitness

2. Music, Dancing, Fun, Animals

What is my passion?

Life is my passion. I am so happy and grateful every day to be alive and I celebrate life every day. I have been studying "Emotional Intelligence - EQ skills" for a long time and I recently became a certified Life Coach and Happiness Life Coach. I love doing my part to help raise the vibration of happiness in the world and I am excited to bring that joy to life with the animals that I meet as well as the humans that I work with.

Taylor Lu​tz

Taylor currently lives in Phoenixville, PA. She initially was introduced to Golden Leash Pet Care as a client for her dog Sophie. Taylor quickly fell in love with the company and became part of our team! 

What energizes you?

Fitness, animals, amazing food on the Phoenixville Main Street! 

What is your passion?

Helping others and problem solving. I thoroughly enjoy exercising with our 4-legged clients. 

Taylor's Favorite Client:

Shadow the Cat! 


Dal Moriarity

Dal currently lives in Limerick, PA. She loves to binge watch Netflix with our overnight pups at "Slumber Paw-tys" 

Dal is a hard worker who puts her heart and soul into our company. She is known for going the extra mile to ensure client happiness. 

What energizes you? Fruity drinks at Starbucks and enriching other's lives. 

What is your passion?

Working hard to achieve goals and becoming a better person in the process. I adore our clients and cherish the relationships I've built with 

John Pyne

John lives in Collegeville and is currently pursuing a license in dog training. He has raised and trained his service dog Balto, a shepherd lab mix, who is always at his side when not at work. John has extensive experience working with dogs of all breeds and sizes, and has completed several courses in dog behavior. Whether dog, cat, or chickens, animals like John’s calmness and easy way with them. In his free time, John and Balto hike in local parks, and hang with friends. John also trains jujitsu and is a blue belt.

What is your passion? Sharing knowledge that can greatly benefit others in any aspect.

What energizes you? Being active and working with animals.

Gianna Gambone 

1. What energizes you?

Staying active, being around good people, and learning new things.

2. What is your passion?

I am passionate about yoga, helping others, and living life to the fullest!

Bridget Settles 

Bridget currently lives in Blue Bell, PA. She has 2 cats! 

1. What energizes me? Helping other people through fitness or psychological goal setting

2. What is my passion? Working out, hanging with family & my cats and training other people to learn more about health & wellness

Ted Fisher, Mascot 

Ted is a retired gentleman from North Carolina. He is paid in milk bones to pose for photo shoots and rock Golden Leash Pet Care Apparel as an influencer. Other than being our "real life" mascot, our logo is a silhouette of Ted himself! 

What energizes Ted?

Naps. Country Music.

What is his passion?

Mom. Naps. Lunch Meat. Standing over Dad while he stretches on the floor. 

Lauren Lewiski 

Lauren lives in Collegeville PA and has worked with animals in many capacities for multiple years. Lauren loves exercising and going above and beyond for her clients both human and 4-legged! Lauren has 2 dogs (which are instagram famous) named Brody & Bryce. 

In Lauren's free time, she enjoys riding horses, biking with her fiance, and spending time with friends and family.

What is your passion?: My passion is helping dogs fit into our world in a way that is kind and humane.

What energizes you?: Being active, being around people I love and, let's be real, Starbucks! 

Stephanie Berardelli

Stephanie lives in Worcester, Pa. For the last 35 years to present she works full time as a middle school counselor for the Methacton School District. Stephanie has 4 children ages 26 to 15, and 3 dogs, 2 Newfoundlands-Baloo and Yogi, and a Frenchie, Meech. In her free time she enjoys the beach, reading, exercising, going to her sons lax games, and attending Penn State football games…WE ARE…

What is your passion: My passion is being with kids and helping them to set and achieve goals. At the end of the day, animals are my therapy.

What energizes you: Being happy in life is not only contagious, but energizing☺️


Colleen McCrane 

Colleen lives in North Wales and has 2 cats. She grew up with dogs her entire life and has always been the family member to call when pet sitting was needed.

What energizes me?

An early morning run or trying out a new restaurant, I enjoy and find energy in life’s little moments.

What is my passion?

My friends and family, staying active, and getting out into nature as much as possible. 

Amanda Friel 

Amanda is from Collegeville, PA and is currently a dietetic intern studying to be a dietitian. She lives with many animals, from 5 cats to chickens - and even bees! She especially loves cats and has 2 of her own, both strays that she took in named Carmen and Moo. She enjoys writing, collaging, yoga, snowboarding, and cooking.

What energizes you? - Great coffee, a funky playlist, and an early morning after a great night's sleep.

What is your passion? - Nutrition, movement, art, and anything that brings me closer to life. 

Jessica Friel 

Jessica lives in King of Prussia, PA and is a digital artist and entrepreneur in the process of launching her fashion company. She lived with many pets growing up including caring for dogs, cats, chickens, and bees. She has a cat of her own, Drucilla, which she adopted as a feral kitten. In her free time she enjoys creative writing, interior design, nature walks, yoga and meditation.

What energizes you? -

Self care rituals, a fantasy synth playlist, and philosophical conversations that spark connection.

What is your passion? -

Living a plant based lifestyle, ethereal art, genuine expression of the self though internal work and helping others to do the same.


What our customers are saying

"Golden Leash Pet Care has taken care of our labrador retriever Zora and we could not be happier with her services. For extended outings, Zora gets plenty of exercise and for overnight stays, Abby keeps us updated on how things are going. She is very responsive and answers questions right away. Payment was simple. We will definitely hope to use her services again! Thanks, Abby!"



"Abby is just amazing. We got a 9 week old puppy in May and she made the transition back to work seamless. I was so worried how he would do the first couple days and Abby took my worries away and updated me constantly on his progress. Now, she is one of his favorite people! Trusting someone with your fur child is definitely a big deal and I am so happy I trusted Abby with Dexter. So thank you Abby!!!!"



"I never have to worry about my canine kids when I go to work because I know that Ashley is going to visit them on time and with a whole lot of love. In fact, Teddy is usually way more excited to see her than he is to see me. I recommend Golden Leash to everyone who loves their furbabies, way more than the hit-n-miss service you can get from Rover."


Brady & Truman